Late Night: Grammatical Goofing

I could of maybe found some other video, but this one,  its really accurate about mistakes people make in there writings. Plus I drunk a lot of expresso and surprise!!

Actually tonight  I’m prepping for ArtExpoSD — I leave tomorrow at 8am–where I’m showing five artists in my booth, plus wrangling another curator, an artist and a company that makes limited edition prints. And I organized a book and CD signing for one of the artists I’m showing. My section focuses on Dark Progressivism, a specific genre that originated in Los Angeles, and this is a taste for the bigger show I’m co-curating that opens August 2. Expect to hear more about that later.

But for now, let’s enjoy Weird Al’s interpretation of grammatical errors. And me personally I appreciate and use the Oxford/serial comma! What grammar issues bug/plague/annoy you? Do you agree with everything in the video?

And do you think a preposition is a bad thing to end a sentence with?

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