Late Night: Angst in My Pants

Actually I don’t have angst in my pants, but fans of the Iceland witch pants may be little sad to learn that their beloved trousers have be usurped in hipsterness by a pair of Chinese slacks that are 3,000 years old, reports the Daily Mail:

A pair of trousers found in a Chinese graveyard might just be the oldest ever found.

The clothing is thought to date back a staggering 3,000 years, and despite the fact the ancient apparel has undergone considerable wear and tear, it still looks remarkably intact.

The trousers, which could actually date up to 3,300 years old, are thought to be the oldest ever discovered..

A new paper by Ulrike Beck and colleagues of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin suggests the invention of trousers is linked to horseback riding.

‘Trousers are essential parts of the tool kit with which humans improve their physical qualities.’

Thankfully they are not cargo pants or jeggings.


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