It’s only through positive energy that things will get better in this country for all of us.

Exene Cervenka, lead singer for the band X, poet, activist, and most recently a conspiracy proponent who posted videos to her tube channel claiming the Isla Vista/UCSB shooting and SandyHook killings were hoaxes has shut down her YouTube channel and posted the following statement on X’s Facebook page.

I know that the link I shared from my earlier post about Exene prompted a number of people to agree with me–that they couldn’t stand the idea of seeing X live after learning of Exene’s views (one friend likened her views to Holocaust denial). Exene’s words and her own really disturbing videos shook me to the core, especially when coupled with her calling these crimes hoaxes. It was like Alex Jones had planted a chip in her brain, that her synapses had been taken to (the imaginary) FEMA camps.

In my nascent days as a punk and poet Exene inspired me, and meeting her and spending time with her over the years at people’s homes, backstage and around town was really special, so watching her turn into someone I’d be afraid of talking to, someone who was was so filled with the crazy, was really upsetting and kinda soul-destroying. There are a lot of ways to say

It’s horrible when tragedies become politicized by either sides, it’s gross and opportunistic. Let’s grieve for all affected, and not try to turn this into a “my side is correct about xyz” argument.

Anyway here’s what she wrote:

A statement from Exene Cervenka:

I want to apologize for using the word ‘hoax’ in a comment I made on social media. I realize people have died in these violent events and we have all experienced that in our own lives. No one wants anyone else to ever have to go through that.

The point I am always trying to make is that we need to start thinking critically, looking past the headlines at all available information and make an informed opinion. My issue is with the media’s coverage of events that will shape our public policy and laws for generations to come. We all need to be involved in that debate but we cannot contribute unless we have accurate truthful and complete information about what happened at any of these events.

The hatred, rage and intolerance of ones opinions and the threatening language that I have been receiving through the media makes me realize that this is not a path I want to be on. I don’t want to be a source of hatred and rage. I don’t like it being directed at me and I don’t want to create it in anyone’s mind. It was not my intent.

I wasn’t expecting this kind of response to a comment I made, but it has been a wakeup call and has radically altered my own views as to how I want to live in this world. I always try to do what I think is right. I’ve always been very vocal and opinionated, but this experience with the media has not been positive, nor productive.

It’s only through positive energy that things will get better in this country for all of us.

Photo by John McNicholas under Creative Commons license