I really was going to leave the Isla Vista shooting alone–two degrees of separation from the killer’s family, four degrees from a victim. But WTF, Exene?

Exene Cervenka, lead singer of the band X –one of the few punk bands to be on a major label–a poet, a liberal, an intellectual, and inspiration to me growing up; and later someone I would spend time with in real life and someone who I always respected and admired–has gone off the rails, claiming, in series of tweets, that the Isla Vista shooting rampage on May 23 that left 7 dead and 13 injured was a hoax, and linking to videos that encourage that absolutely insane, cruel and repulsive theory.

Exene has gotten progressively weirder and weirder. She has been posting Alex Jones-influenced, tin foil chapeau, bughouse looney videos, calling herself a conspiracy therapist. And this latest series of tweets are so sickeningly wrong and evil, it’s beyond belief.

I never ever want to see X play again or hear their music. They (along with U2) were my favorite favorite band in the 80s and I have never stopped loving them (and going to see them play whenever I could). Until now.

X was going to do a tour this summer, playing all four of their first albums live. I can’t go, won’t go. Some people I know say she should get a pass because she’s a “true artist.” Um no. Others who have known her better than I are as repulsed and disgusted as I am.

Exene has crossed a horrible sickening line into a dark and frightening place, and while in time I may be able to enjoy albums like Los Angeles, Wild Gift and Under the Big Black Sun again…right now I just want to cry that one of my early idols, a woman who inspired me enough that I ended up on spoken word albums, inspired me to do poetry readings, to make art, to be politically active, to not be afraid of love shifting and changing, to be able to be friends with my ex-lovers, to live my life as I please, who encouraged me first through her art and then in real life has become this utterly and awful and deluded, cruel and insensitive person.

“Nausea” indeed.