Late Night: Dancing Bats

Last weekend was Bats Day in the Fun Park–that’s Goth Day at Disneyland for the uninitiated. This was the first year–and I’ve been a bunch–that we didn’t get hostile glares — and watch, laughing in disbelief, as parents snatched their children away from our strolling black-clad hordes.

I did get asked a lot

So is there a special event today?

And I explained that we’re Goths and just like everyone else we love Disneyland and have families and friends and like to enjoy the happiest place on earth.

What we did notice was assimilation–there were times we couldn’t tell if people were with us or were One of Them, the others, the normals. Skull shirts, black clothes, bright colored hair were matched with cut-off denim shorts, fanny packs, Dockers, mom jeans and Jesusy stuff. It was a little weird. On one hand: They have been assimilated and resistance is futile. Or has our dark subculture gone mainstream–and is that “bad” or “good”?


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