The trailer for Dark Dungeons, the new movie based on Jack Chick’s legendary 1984 tract about the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons is finally here! Oh the comedy! Can’t wait to watch the flick which comes out in August, a perfect summer comedy.

Innocent students Debbie and Marcie arrive at college eager to save souls, but will they be able to save their own when they’re seduced by the exotic and sinister world of role playing games?

Oh the terrors of D&D (actually my ex-husband was one of the stars of the first D&D movie so I must be one of Satan’s minions, whatever)! Jack Chick, who is 90 years old (born in 1924 in Boyle Heights, L.A.’s real Eastside, over the river), wrote the tracts himself based on his fundie evangelical (hatey) beliefs, and they are illustrated by Fred Carter whose flat style is instantly recognizable. Chick’s tracts appeared in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History as part of an exhibition on American pop culture. Chick struck upon the idea of using comics to convert after learning the Chinese Communist Party had done so in the 1950s.

He’s nuts. Along with blaming Roman Catholicism for much of the world problems,

[H]e believes strongly that homosexuality is sinful, and makes reference to the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah in tracts pertaining to homosexuality. He also is a Zionist, and claims that the Catholic Church is Israel’s worst enemy. He also opposes attempts to resolve the Israeli–Arab conflict until Israel gets significantly larger than its current size, and also blames American support of those attempts for natural disasters that have struck.

A friend told me his mom used to pass out Chick comic books at Halloween instead of candy. This is seriously worse than raisins or toothbrushes. But even (many of) his fellow Christians realize he’s bonkers.

Christianity Today described Jack Chick as an example of

the world of ordinary, nonlearned evangelicals,” for whom “atavistic anti-Catholicism remains as colorful and unmistakable as ever.

Meanwhile, the wife of comic Patton Oswalt would rather have her husband go to strip clubs than play D&D. What would Jack Chick say about that!