FDL: Good Night, Baba Wawa

Barbara Walters has retired. A storied life of stories—and that one about her vibrator? She insists she was just joking.

Her  on-air TV career began in 1962, and she has outlasted many of her male compatriots, growing from a “women’s interest” reporter to anchor and go-to interviewer–and producer of 20/20 and creator of The View.

She was also the first real life news person to be parodied. Gilda Radner’s Baba Wawa was a classic comedy bit, and cemented Walters into whole other aspect of pop culture.

Walters was a ground breaking figure for women–she had created a career for herself, married four times (to three different men), looked good, was funny and gracious. And again: Created a career for herself.

Walters announced today on The View that she is officially retiring (though Saturday Night Live tipped it off May 7 when she made her first ever appearance on the program giving interview tips during the news segment), she will continue as executive producer of The View.

Having interviewed presidents, politicians, celebrities (rising and fallen), and foreign dignitaries–I wonder who it would take to get her on the couch again…

and that one about her vibrator? She insists she was just joking.


Photo by Joella Marano under Creative Commons license

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