Late Night: Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! I kept the TV off , the lights off, and didn’t drive anywhere. I spent time in the garden, looking at the bees and Gulf Fritillary butterflies busy among the passion flower vines. The mockingbirds are back, and the bushtits have several nests in the trees–they are really tiny cute little brown birds, very social, and the single males watch the nests while the mom and dad go looking for seeds and aphids.

Skunks have been digging for grubs in the lawn. I love skunks; they eat slugs, snails and black widows, so I don’t mind if they occasionally turn up a few inches of lawn looking for a snack. My neighbor says she saw two raccoons! The coyotes have been scarce.

How was your Earth Day? What did you do to celebrate?

Gulf Fritillary

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