Late Night: She Sells Sanctuary


This weekend I saw The Cult in San Diego. A band I’d written about here, Prayers, was opening for them so I bought a ticket and drove down. I’d never seen The Cult in their heyday, and I thought it was pretty cool that a friend of the lead singer Ian Astbury had shown him one of Prayers’ video, and Astbury tracked them down to open three dates. And I’m kinda proud that they played at the show I curated in January.

While I was in SD I visited a super cool new arts complex and Chicano Park which is underneath the Coronado Bay Bridge. It’s got a marvelous collection of murals painted on the cement pylons and supports. After a heated occupation, following three years of negotiations and stalling by the city, the  land under the the bridge was officially made into a park, and Chicano artists from across the state joined with local artists and community members to paint the beautiful murals. I’ll be posting more on FDL Saturday Art.

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