I wish I could find a clever prank video for a-once-in-seven-years April Fools Tuesday FDL Late Night, but this video is so freaking awesome it transcends April Fool’s Day (though since the lyrics are NSFW until 06:30, so you may want to watch it on mute, which is still pretty awesome!).

And the funniest prank today was this one by the LA Weekly:

Security measures at Coachella are getting a drastic overhaul this year, according to new documents provided by Edward Snowden. In addition to standard pat-downs and searches, patrons will be subjected to intrusive cavity searches, outsourced security teams, and unmanned aerial vehicles searching out illicit drug use.

Secret files given to the Weekly by Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor granted temporary asylum in Russia, reveal that security officials at Coachella gates are cleared for much more thorough drug searches, including the insides of previously off-limits orifices.