Lost Aztlan, Krown187

“Made in Los Angeles” showcases poignant and proud art, steeped in SoCal tradition with its roots in Aztec and Olmec mythologies, imbued with loss and love. Featuring over twenty artists from the Greater Los Angeles area, “Made in Los Angeles” runs through March 22 at Smoking Mirrors Gallery in Pomona.

The show reflects a strong urban sensibility and one that is distinctive to the Southland–sugar skulls, ghetto birds, sunsets, cityscapes, the LA River and LA graffiti, custom cars, curvaceous women, tattoos and Marilyn Monroe. Outside the gallery, metal-flaked muscle cars and super styled low riders from the Usuals Car Club and the Tribe Car Club glistened under the streetlamps. Inside tracks were spinning, the energy was high, and the art glowed and glowered with Cholo cool and Chicano style.


Stigma One Made In Los Angeles mural


Juan “Naper” Teyer


Ulises Vasquez, Have I Sinned


Phowl, Angel


Kitore, The Wise Dead




Robert Yager, Spider’s Web

Espi Force of Nature


Ricardo Estrada, Tlaloc


Lucky Hellcat, La Reina de Los Angeles (top). D.A. Designs, Lost Angeles (below)


Eddie Gutter, Sacred Diamond


Stigma One, Made in Los Angeles mural