Late Night: Piers Morgan’s Replacement? How About Robbie Rist!

With the (not soon enough for my taste) departure of Piers Morgan, CNN is gonna need to fill that slot. Larry King says he’s willing to come back but seriously, zzzzz.  The slightly younger Jay Leno’s available, but how about going with someone who has Gen X, Y, Z and Baby Boomer recognition? Someone who knows how to interview, who has the name and connections to draw viewers? Someone who co-starred in one of 2013’s most talked about films?

How about Robbie Rist? yes, Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch is all grown up, hosts a smart podcast called The Spoon, plays in bands, and had a stellar turn  as the brave, self sacrificing bus driver in Sharknado (and was a guest on FDL Movie Night!). That’s the aim of a petition on — to get Roobie a show on CNN  and really, why not?

Full disclosure, I know Robbie and he’s a great guy, smart, funny, sweet, witty and disarming. I’d watch him interview politicians, celebrities, and major “gets.” After all, he does have more credibility that Piers Morgan. And no poncy accent either. He’s made in USA!

Here he performs the Sharknado theme song (yes he’s a musician too!).


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