Despite their patronage by Human Rights Campaign, Coca-Cola reports their fourth-quarter profits have slipped, and sales of soda are down 3%.

HRC, which says they are

America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality

served Coca-Cola at a Sochi Olympic opening ceremony party at their headquarters. LGBTQ activists around the world are boycotting Coca-Cola for its sponsorship of the Winter Olympics and thus a tacit endorsement of Russian President’s Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay stance. In the UK,

The Associated Press reported that concerns about sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners may be the cause of Coca-Cola’s sales decline in the last quarter (and the economy may also be playing a part), but activists have been promoting the boycott of Coke since OctoberSeveral colleges have banned Coke products from their campuses in protest.

And with smart, stealth social media campaigns–like the hijacking of Coke’s interactive campaign feature that allowed people to put messages on Coke cans to highlight messages about Russian anti-gay brutality –Coke make see their 2014 profits go very sour. Keep up the good work!

HT Back2Stonewall