Who doesn’t love boobies?! Pope Francis stepped up to the pulpit in the Sistine Chapel and told nursing babies to suck it, because well, he’s just that kinda guy! He loves babies, and babies love boobies! The Pope told families at a special children’s baptism:

If they are hungry, mothers, feed them, without thinking twice, because they are the most important people here.


Meanwhile James Beard award winning chef Grant Achatz of Chicago’s Alinea Restaurant took to Twitter to query what to do when a couple brings a crying baby to the restaurant which has

a ticket-based, no refund reservation system, where diners must pay between $210 and $265 up front for the tasting-menu-only dinner –not including tax, tip or drinks.

The couple had their babysitter cancel and brought their squab to dinner. The baby was unimpressed with the fine dining experience and cried the whole time. Achatz tweeted:

Maybe the solution would have been to have a backup sitter, or the couple could sell or give their reservation to a friend–or just go church!