What’s not to love about short films? Their length makes them easy to consume. Their availability means that, most of the time, you can read about a movie and immediately access it online for free. And, artistically, they’re difficult to make. Developing a complete world in minutes means that each word and image must absolutely move the story forward.

This week’s pick is a real gem. Clocking in at just over 6 minutes, Santiago Grasso’s, El Empleo, has won an impressive 102 awards at film festivals. The story is set in a delightfully fresh cartoon universe where people have taken over the tasks of inanimate objects and everyone has a job. We follow our protagonist as he wakes up and gets ready for work; employing human chairs, tables, coat-racks, and more. Stepping outside with him reveals a city where human taxis (via piggyback) are the standard mode of transportation and becoming a stoplight or part of a door is a valid career choice.

Of course, the big reveal comes at the end when we learn what our protagonist does for a living. So what does it all mean? Is this a film about the 99%? Is it offering solutions, commenting on problems, or both? Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments.

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